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Everyone knows their car works because of a complex series of mechanical parts that all work together, the same is true about a computer. But do you know why? Or more specifically what is underneath the hood? Computers can be very complicated. You might know what a video card is, ram or a hard drive but what about all the other components that make them work? Have you ever thought about what kind of capacitors were used in the manufacturing process? How thick the PCB is? What about the quality of the transistors and MOSFETs? These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you are building a PC.

Here at PC Sales & Service we take pride in our system builds. We ask the questions so you don't have to. Taking the guess work out of building a PC is one thing but our support is the best thing we have to offer. We build our computers to be reliable, fast and long lasting. Let's start with a few components and explain why we use them.

We are a local community based business.
Family owned.
Therefore you do not have to pay high dollar for repairs and service.
We don't want to make any money folks, we just love to fix computers !


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